Alchemy of Dance

Intuitive and organically flowing exploration of the body and spirit using sacred feminine exercise, serpentine and sufi movements and breathing exercises, helping you tune into our authentic self and innate powers of transformation.

Belly Dance W/Effy

Belly Dance is one of the most beautiful, exciting and sensual forms of self expression. It is empowering, uplifting, healing and fun. In this class you will get a great workout while learning how to Belly Dance.

Belly Dance W/Magda

In this class you will be transporteda around the world with belly dance movements that also combined Afro dance, Reggae dance and few others. You will get a great workout while learning how to dance.


A fusion of bellydance, Indian dances, and other world dances, focusing on technique, conditioning, fluid movements, mudras, isolations, arm and foot patterns, and more.


is the song of the body


A high energy, action packed dance class done in high heels! Pop, jazz, grooves and hip hop dance is incorporated in this class. This class can be done with or without heels and men and women are invited to take class.


This is the perfect blend of yoga and dance to the positive vibrations of conscious Reggae Music.
You will connect to your highest wisdom, release any tension from the body with gentle Feminine Yogini Stretches, Dance to the hypnotic rhythms of Reggae, relax the body with meditation and breathwork for a complete body, mind & soul experience. Taught by Carmen 2nd Level Shakti Dance® Yoga instructor.


This class is designed for the beginners and all level student who wants to master the tools and techniques and to understand what it takes to be fluid on the dance floor. In this class you will learn the concepts behind the turns, spins and shines and learn how to execute them efficiently with fluid movement , not just by memorizing the patterns/sequence.

Shakti Dance

Shakti Dance® is the Yoga of Dance, merging Shakti and Shiva; the individual “drop” with the all-embracing “ocean” of awareness. 

As a form of yoga, Shakti Dance® uses flowing, rhythmic organic movements to harmonise mind, body and spirit. Combining, breath, movement, mantra and mindfulness, we are returned to our true nature ~ tuning the body as in instrument to express our essence, with original creativity and authenticity.