Quiet the Mind and the



Group Alchemy Immersion

Immerse yourself in pure bliss of mindfulness with Claudia for Group Alchemy Immersion.  Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Body Grids, Balance Energy & Guided Meditation.  The Harmonic sound of alchemy singing bowls along with Reiki offers purification and inner healing experience.  Sound & aromatherapy balances the chakras allowing  the body to regenerate and enhances the ability to enter a meditative state.  The guided meditation will focus on balance energy , crystals integration and grounding. This group class is a truly restorative experience for mind, body & spirit.

Meditation w/Reiki

Unwind, relax, clear your mind.  Our 60 minute evening meditation w/Reiki class will bring you back to the present moment through breathing techniques, intention setting, mindfulness, deep awareness and energy work.


Guided Meditation

Reset your day with a 60 minute guided meditation. Take a moment to quiet the mind and re-center through the use of; breathing techniques, mantra, mudra, and intention setting.